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Mountain Lake

Discover The Reiki Room with Stephanie

Healing for the Mind, Body and Soul


About Me

The Reiki Room with Stephanie provides holistic energy healing for wellness, pain management, mental health, relaxation, and healing for your mind, body and soul.  Dr. Stephanie Pinto is a skilled Reiki Master Teacher and licensed Occupational Therapist providing intuitive holistic services addressing wellness as part of the mind-body-spirit connection. Her positive vibes will provide you with healing energy to assist with energy imbalances, mental wellness, emotional balance,  physical healing, and spiritual wellness. She also provides intuitive tarot card readings, which can give you insight into the obstacles and other aspects that may be impacting your life's path to healing and wellness. Book a session today and begin your  journey to holistic health and wellness! 

Are you interested in learning about reiki or are you interested in advancing your knowledge and skills as a reiki practitioner? Message me to find out more information about classes and certification!

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